New Ceramic Tableware by Minor Goods

Minor Goods Stoneware

These pretty photos are from Minor Goods, who have just launched a brand new ceramic tableware collection. Included is a dinner plate, dessert plate, bowl, beaker, utensil pot and jug, in various shades of indigo and white. They’re finished with a reactive glaze before heading to the kiln, which is responsible for the interesting colour variations on their surface.

Minor Goods Stoneware

Each piece is made in a small stoneware factory in Portugal where 80% of the production process is done by hand – a common theme across many of Minor Goods’ collections, which are often made by independent designer-makers and family-run businesses. Their products are released in phases, often grouped by material, so if you liked these you might want to check out their wood collection (comprised mainly of dinky wooden spoons).

Minor Good Stoneware

Prices range from £7 for the beaker up to £16 for the 0.5 litre jug. I think the dark blue bowl has to be my favourite. Sam and I are getting into porridge in a big way now that the weather is colder, and this looks the perfect size and thickness for warming your hands on your breakfast.

Minor Goods Stoneware

All images courtesy of Minor Goods.

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