Pastel Ceramics for the Breakfast Table

Breakfast Ceramics by Petite Friture

This collection of mix-and-match tableware was designed by Mark Braun for Petite Friture, a design studio based in Paris which aims to bring little-known designers to prominence. There’s a mug, espresso cup, dinner plate, side plate, cereal bowl and large serving bowl in three pastel colours: lavender, coral and a sunny yellow (by far my favourite!). They’re named ‘Join’ after the point at which the terracotta bottom touches the glazed top – a line which is exaggerated on the cups and bowls by a sharp bend in the clay.

Pastel Ceramics by Petite Friture

Everything is deliberately shaped in way that allows it to be easily stacked and stored, which is a blessing for those of us without much cupboard space – so long as they also stack easily with the tableware you already own, of course. As someone with several awkwardly-shaped serving dishes which can’t fit into my tableware cupboard, I kinda wish I’d planned ahead a bit better when choosing them.

UK (and some EU) readers can get their hands on these at Clippings; for everyone else there’s a list of local distributors on this page of the Petite Friture website. Prices start at £11 for the espresso cup.

Pastel Ceramics by Petite Friture

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