The Ultimate IKEA Hack

Unalibreria - Teste di Legno

There are websites upon websites out there showcasing clever hacks you can use to modify and personalise your identikit IKEA furniture, but this has to be a) one of the coolest, and b) one of the most simple ideas I’ve seen. These shelves are intended to be fixed to the wall, but with with a little creative thinking Italian design company Teste di Legno have turned them into a very cool freestanding bookcase.

The best thing about this (even considering the colourful brackets) is that you could disassemble and reassemble it in various configurations depending on the size and shape of the space you need to fill. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Which is indicative of good design, no?

// Images courtesy of Teste di Legno via Your Home is Lovely

Lucy Meek
Lucy Meek

Lucy started writing Decorenvy as a scrapbook to record ideas when she began decorating her own place in 2013. Her frustration at the lack of alternatives to high street brands and catalogue decorating has since seen it evolve into a sourcebook for unusual and interesting design, complete with tours of beautiful homes and the occasional ill-advised DIY project.


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